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We believe our work speaks for itself. Have a gander at some of our photos or click on some of our videos, or check out our Facebook page for our most recent projects.



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Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Our funky crew will have you grooving your own groove in front of the camera, so your images and coverage will be just “wow”, and never unnatural.

We have extensive experience in traditional and non-traditional weddings, from the getting-ready until the end of the reception, so you can be sure that we will capture each important moment in the way that you will want to remember it.

We will also provide you with your photographs in both high resolution and internet resolution, so your friends can relive your day with you online.

So if you are looking for Melbourne wedding photography you’ve found the right place! We even do destination weddings!


Melbourne wedding videography, as you know it, has had a major facelift. We’ve decided to take things up a notch, with a real touch of class and bring out more than just stunning visuals from your big day.

We will get creative shots from start to finish and put together a wedding feature that will have you, your friends and family loving every second of it.

Our approach to wedding cinematography is to keep your emotional memories alive with pizzazz.


Funk up your reception and get creative with our customised “Open Photobooths”!

We only use professional photographers, lights, backdrops and cameras for our photobooths, so all you have to do is just bring the action!

Grab the crew, the aunties, uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends… Just jump in and work the props!

Each photobooth package comes with unlimited prints within the packaged time, with a DVD copy of all the photos of your guests so you can see the other fun side of the reception well after the night is through.

Happy Customers

Over 300 extremely satisfied customers!

Field of Dreams

Phil and I got married in a field of dreams on the 4th of May. We laughed, cried, laughed and danced the day away…It filled my heart with the happiest moments and my soul with memories that will last a lifetime. I am so blessed to have become a wife to a man who is as wonderful as he is. Love you my hubby Phillip Pham Thank you to my amazing family and friends who made our day so so magical. I could not have had the day I did without you. BLVD Media: Photography & Cinematography this is so beautifully made and captured our day perfectly. Thank you to the team who made us laugh and pose and dance, it was wonderful! xxxx

Aimmey & PhilMelbourne Customer

Fun & Laughter

What is there not to love about BLVD!?! BLVD was the very first supplier I booked for our wedding, even before I found a venue! I chose Sean not just because of the amazing and creative work that he does, but because he is SO MUCH FUN, such a laugh and honestly, the person my husband and I wanted to spend the day hanging out with on our wedding day. Could not have picked a better man (and Jackie Chan) to spend the most important day of our lives with!

Mary & SimonMelbourne Customer

Perfect Moments

Words cannot describe their professionalism, talent and ability to capture the perfect moments! Absolute delight to work with Larry and Elissa! Thank you so so much! If you want your perfect moments captured, go with the best! Highly recommended! M&A

Marley & AlexSydney Customer

Unique & Fun

Sean and Larry were so much fun to work with on the day! And the mini highlight video (released soon after the wedding) is unique, fun and definitely all about us. Great work guys looking forward to seeing the full version of our special day!

Pierre & SashMelbourne Customer

You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.

Ansel Adams

Our Awesome Family

We aren’t just a team, we are a family.

At BLVD, we have a young, fun and funky crew. We are all perfectionists and driven by our desire to create amazing images, phenomenal cinematography and have a ball while getting it all done. No big-ego guys here.  Just everyday people… with awesome talent!

Taking photos, filming and editing is not just a job to us, it’s what we do and its in our blood! We are always changing up what we do, upgrading equipment, offering new packages and looking for the next big thing to offer. We love to be the leaders in the industry and love that our couples are always wowed by our work.

At the end of the day, we are ordinary people just like you. Feel free to check out our “Who’s who?” below to meet our crew

Sean Windsor

Sean Windsor

a.k.a Black Cavier View Details
Larry Chew

Larry Chew

a.k.a Mr Awesome View Details
Gill Windsor

Gill Windsor

a.k.a Jill with a G View Details
Elissa Simone

Elissa Simone

a.k.a Confucius View Details
Grace Lye

Grace Lye

a.k.a Baby G View Details
Arthur Kusumadjaja

Arthur Kusumadjaja

a.k.a Mamacita View Details
Sean Windsor

Sean Windsor

a.k.a Black Cavier

Seans a bit of a clown. Let’s say he isn’t shy. After being around him for an hour you feel like you’ve known him for years. He is very comfy at being the front man, lead cinematographer. He is also a sick editor!

So what’s with the name? He is a winner, loves to be in front, and we don’t see anything getting in the way of his winning streak! So the name has nothing to do with his looks, even if it is fitting 😉 He loves it.

Sean loves a good scotch, mac sauce, and Nandos chicken! Not together of course.

Outside of work Sean is a new daddy and is smitten for his beautiful little girl, Mia.

He also likes long walks on the beach… Not! He would totally take the car.

Larry Chew

Larry Chew

a.k.a Mr Awesome

He eats mandarins like there’s no tomorrow, loves peking duck and has a cat.

Quiet and reserved he’s a ninja behind the camera. But don’t let his demure nature fool you. Once you get him started you won’t be able to get him to keep quiet.

When not behind the camera he spends most of the time hanging ten, surfing the world wide web, watching movies, and just recently continuously working on his house.

His hobbies include eating, waiting on his cat (master of the house) hand and paw, and mastering the sewing machine to make his own curtains

Gill Windsor

Gill Windsor

a.k.a Jill with a G

Gill aka Jill … may as well embrace it, everyone spells it wrong

Gill couldn’t turn a camera on without looking at a manual. Needless to say we don’t let her anywhere near our gear!

Lucky for us, she is our admin queen. Systems, computers, filing and organisation are her forte.

Gill doesn’t eat cheese, but loves licorice. Totally weird. You’re probably wondering where we find these people? On Planet BLVD, that’s where :)

Elissa Simone

Elissa Simone

a.k.a Confucius

This girl has some crazy talents. Elissa is a professional dancer, a budding actor, and of course a kick ass photographer and photo editor. But you’d never know she was such a jack of all trades as she is such a humble gal.

So where does the nickname come from? Well, sometimes Elissa gets a little over-excited so instead of speaking plain English, she speaks… well we don’t know, but it’s pretty confusing!

Who could be a dancer without a love for music? There’s always a song buzzing through her mind. The song you might hear her sing is “I’m just a little bit caught in the middle” by Lenka.

Elissa is a true individualist, with her own conceptual photos and out-of-this-world photo editing skills. They’re so good we call them ridonculously good!

She is a polite girl, and also soft- spoken…until she sees a spider or is lumped with cold coffee!

Not searching for the pot of gold, Elissa loves rainbows and lives a colourful life. Another of her talents is that she is pretty clever at whipping up origami. This comes in really handy when we feel the need to throw paper planes at each other at BLVD HQ !

Grace Lye

Grace Lye

a.k.a Baby G

Always the life of the party, she may be small but you definitely can’t miss her. Grace’s personality dwarfs her size 😀 The prima donna of pose, the princess of posture will have you looking your best in all your images, no doubt about it!

Grace is crazed by social media. Checking in, Instagram, your tagged, they’re poked, twitter this, upload that! No- one can keep up with her.

There are many faces of Grace. Although very much at home behind the camera, in her spare time Grace likes to be in front of the camera too. She could even have a double life, she can look so different depending on what Grace has in store for the world that day!

When the crazy part of Graces day is done, Grace likes good food, cuddles, and enjoys hot peppermint tea.

We have a lot to say Grace for !

Arthur Kusumadjaja

Arthur Kusumadjaja

a.k.a Mamacita

According to something we googled, the name Arthur means Bear. He is certainly no Grizzly so he must have been named after a Care Bear! Either way, we have a bear on board …

People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They tend to be optimistic, energetic and intelligent. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious.

Thanks again Google. How on earth did they summarize our Arthur so well? Arthur is most definitely a visionary, he is a gun behind the camera and learns very quickly. Lucky for us we get all his good qualities and his roomies can cop the messiness!

McArthur is a genuine, hard- working guy. Happy to help in whatever way he can, and always with a smile on his face. He hails from Indonesia and is loving life in Oz. He is like our little bro,we have taught him a lot of stuff, some useful and some just cos we can, like Mamacita…

Working on weddings can be a tough gig and the long days can make us tired.We don’t want to lose our shizzle so some of us get into energy drinks to give us back our b-b-bounce. Sean introduced Arthur to the energy drink, Mother, which they now call “Mamacita”. So if you hear about Arthur picking up a mamacita, he is just having a bevo!


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